Nutrition Health And Professional Life Coaching

Heynia Loro-Cooley

​Professional Health & Wellness Coach

Culinary Nutrition Expert 

Certified BASI Pilates Instructor

Culinary ONE Nutrition supports and is affiliated with like-minded companies that are trying to educate and promote healthy organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO, and clean living.

About Culinary ONE Nutrition~Heynia Loro-Cooley

“Let food be your first medicine and the kitchen by your first pharmacy.”

Inspired by her love of cooking and her three sons,  Heynia brings passion and enthusiasm to healthy eating and positive habitual lifestyle changes. Heynia’s mission is to help clients improve nutritional health and wellness without dieting or a quick fix mentality. Culinary ONE Nutrition programs address the problems with the current American diet (GMO and pesticide ridden foods, increased processed “fake” food consumption, imbalanced food portions, etc.) and offers individualized in-person, phone, video chat, and online programs to support any busy schedule.  All programs focus on developing long term, realistic, and practical mind-body connections using real food solutions to balance the body. Clients improve their quality of life to become the healthiest version of themselves while being educated and supported to be accountable and take ownership of their health.  Additional services include culinary nutrition/health education workshops addressing conditions such as adrenal fatigue, inflammation, bloating, and more!  Heynia shares an equal passion for Pilates. As a certified BASI Pilates instructor and Fitness Specialist, she offers nutritional and personal training packages and teaches Pilates classes at Almaden Pilates in San Jose.