Let food be your first medicine and the kitchen be your first pharmacy.

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Meet Heynia Cooley


Culinary One Nutrition

Inspired by her love of cooking and her three sons,  Heynia brings passion and enthusiasm to healthy eating and positive habitual lifestyle changes. Heynia’s mission is to help clients improve nutritional health and wellness without dieting or a quick fix mentality. Culinary ONE Nutrition programs address the problems with the current American diet (GMO and pesticide ridden foods, increased processed “fake” food consumption, imbalanced food portions, etc.) and offers individualized phone, Zoom, and online programs to support any busy schedule. 


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No more dieting!  Let Culinary ONE Nutrition help you take ownership and accountability for YOUR nutritional solution and stop ignoring the symptoms that continue to sabotage your health!

As a culinary nutrition expert, I can teach and guide you on the health benefits of food. We offer workshops, private classes, and programs to show you how you can heal the body with food. 

• Organic     •Non-GMO     •Season and Local Foods     •EWG


Nutrition & Health Phone Consultation

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My Programs

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Nutritional Education & Cooking Classes

Want to learn how to cook a healthy meal in the comfort of your own kitchen?  I offer live cooking tutorials via Zoom catered to your schedule and family needs.


Change the way you think about food and your health!

Live a nutritionally balanced and healthy life!

​What goes down comes around…what you eat will not only affect your body but your brain!  If you are gaining weight, feeling tired, anxious, depressed, and unable to focus, maybe it’s time to take a look at your eating habits and nutrition.  


Eat to live without deprivation, restriction, and guilt. Learn how to get back to basics one step at a time eating real, raw, and organic foods while improving your attitude and relationship with food.


I offer a realistic and practical approach without judgment or guilt, to nutrition. I specialize in real food solutions that will help you reduce body inflammation and bloating, balance your mood, lose weight, and energize your body and mind!